Workforce Development Agreement Yukon

A workforce development agreement, or WDA, is a partnership between the Government of Canada and a provincial or territorial government to help individuals gain the skills and training they need to enter the workforce. In the Yukon, the WDA program is designed to help people who face barriers to employment, such as indigenous people, women, and individuals with disabilities.

The WDA program in the Yukon is managed by the Department of Education, in partnership with the Department of Economic Development. The program provides funding to organizations that offer training and support services to individuals seeking to enter the workforce. These services can include job search assistance, skills training, and language training.

One of the key goals of the WDA program in the Yukon is to help individuals build the skills they need to enter high-demand industries. This includes industries such as mining, construction, and tourism. The program also focuses on helping individuals gain the digital skills they need to succeed in an increasingly tech-driven economy.

Another important aspect of the WDA program in the Yukon is its emphasis on collaboration. The program works closely with employers, industry organizations, and other stakeholders to develop training programs and job opportunities that align with the needs of the local economy. This collaborative approach helps to ensure that individuals who complete WDA-funded training programs are well-prepared to enter the workforce and contribute to the local economy.

In addition to providing funding for training programs, the WDA program in the Yukon also helps employers access funding to support workforce development. This can include funding for hiring and training new employees, as well as support for initiatives that help employees stay engaged and motivated on the job.

Overall, the WDA program in the Yukon plays a critical role in helping to build a strong, skilled workforce that can support the territory`s economy. By providing funding for training and support services and working closely with employers and other stakeholders, the program helps to ensure that individuals have the skills they need to succeed in the workforce and that employers have access to the talent they need to grow their businesses.

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